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Science, Nerdy, and Geeky Gift Ideas: 2017 Edition

December 08, 2017

Looking for the nerdiest of nerdy science gifts to give this holiday season? Bethany Brookshire and Rachelle Saunders have got you covered with our hand-picked selection of geek gifts that will speak to the scientist at heart.

Below is a list of the products discussed during this year's episode, plus a few more we also love but didn't have time to squee over in detail.

Science up your kitchen

For the crafty among us

The tech collector

  • Anki Cozmo robot
    Adorable. Comes with a Python SDK so you can teach your little robot a bunch of new tricks. For the budding programmer or the experienced one.
  • Sphero robot
    Drive this little spherical robot around using one of its ready-built apps and drive your cat crazy, or teach it some new tricks with your own bespoke Javascript and drive your cat crazy. Either way, if you have a cat, you should have one of these.
  • Waterproof Wireless Endoscope
    I'm sure you can come up with interesting and useful things to do with this little -- and entirely affordable -- endoscope.
  • Cellphone Magnifier
    Zoom in on tiny things! Perfect for any budding geologist, biologist, urban explorer, or curious soul.

Fashionable science

Home stylin'

Stuff some stockings

General nerdery